Wanna open an e-bike shop?

Purchasing a new e-bike can be expensive, and people aren’t always willing to buy from an online retailer, because they often want to see the bike in the flesh before they make a decision.
So… Having a physical shop, where you can showcase and demonstrate e-bikes to potential customers is a great idea.
Also important factor is bike sizing. We are all built differently and just because an online sizing chart recommends a certain size for your height, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be right for you particularly body shape.
Unfortunately opening an e-bike shop requires a substantial initial investment and you will need to choose your location wisely. These businesses tend to thrive in larger towns and cities, where people are looking for a viable alternative to public transport or cars for commuting.
The good news is, the electric bike industry is continuing to grow at a steady rate and this growth is predicted to continue well into the 2020’s. Another point to consider is that in the early days, e-bikes were very much the preserve of the elderly cyclist, but now we are seeing a trend where more and more young people are purchasing electric bikes.
If you already own a bike shop but haven’t started to stock a range of e-bikes, you need to do it now. You already have a shop and well established business. New e-bike sales are increasing year on year and it is predicted that e-bike sales will eventually overtake conventional bicycle sales.
With fuel prices increasing and the cost of running a car becoming more expensive. E-bikes offer the perfect solution for those making smaller daily journeys.
More and more people are enjoying the benefits of using electric bikes for recreation, with the main emerging niches being electric mountain bikes and electric road bikes.
As e-bike sales continue to increase in the coming years, so will a demand for repairs and servicing.
If you are looking for a long-term and sustainable business idea. The electric bike industry has a bright future.
Our factory can help you to start your own e-bike shop with less risk and more support! Contact us if you have any question about it ,let’s make it easy and simple.

Published by barrygeng

Electric bike manufacturer,specialized in electric bicycle design, assembly, supply chain.

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